Because all blood is red...


"North County students learn professional and soft skills by interning with us. And we advocate for North St. Louis County as a prime area for new businesses and new jobs." 
--Erica Williams, Executive Director

A Red Circle Employment Programs

A Red Circle provides opportunities for young people in North County to gain real-world experience, develop general skills like effective communication and leadership, as well as profession-specific expertise. If you are interested, contact us at [email protected]!

Food and Justice Fellowship

Our fellowship is designed to grow confidence in addressing food equity challenges. College students and recent graduates studying agricultural science, public policy and related disciplines are invited to apply.  


In partnership with Stl Youth Jobs, A Red Circle provides fun, summer employment with a focus on the arts. High school and college students are welcome to complete their internships and practicum requirements at A Red Circle.

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Holistic living through 
the power of art

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Improved outcomes for North St. Louis County students

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Voter registration and public policy advocacy

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Holistic Living

Greater food security and healthy food access 

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