Because all blood is red...

A Red Circle is committed to providing sustained, focused attention to the racial equity issues that impact North St. Louis County. In doing so, we all 
can help build a stronger community. 

Our Mission

To promote community betterment in North St. Louis County, through a racial equity lens.

Our Vision

A North County community that benefits from equitable investment which will lead to a healthy environment and food ecosystem, quality education, and opportunities for everyone to enjoy the arts.

Our Geographical Focus

North St. Louis County zip codes: 63120, 63121, 63133, 63134, 63135, 63136, 63137, 63138. 63031, 63033, 63034, and 63042.

Our Programming Reflects Our Passions

Sustained, focused attention to the racial equity issues that impacts North St. Louis County

Education: We are committed to improving outcomes for North St. Louis County students.
Community Wellness: We wholeheartedly work for food security and healthy food access in the region.
Arts: We creatively support holistic living and educational pursuits through the power of art.

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