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I Just Want to Do My Job

I just want to do my job.

I want to position A Red Circle and its resources to reverse the effects of disinvestment and racism in North St. Louis County.

I want to create job opportunities for our youth and young adults.

I want to eliminate unnecessary suspensions and detentions, create equitable school funding, and give our students the opportunities to learn. 

I want our residents to have affordable, healthy food within walking distance of their  homes, to enjoy the good health that comes from good food.

I want to see North County residents voting and leading the policy changes needed in our community.

I want to see arts festivals and fairs in North County, for youth and their families to enjoy music, dance, and the visual arts. 

I just want to do my job. But I can’t work on these needed changes in North County. We make progress and then, bam! Another killing of a Black man at the hands of police. State-sanctioned murder, with no impunity.  Or an attempted killing in the case of Jacob Blake

We are working hard to reverse decades of disinvestment. None of this can be fixed overnight but, police who can’t do their job are making my job much harder.

Lawmakers who use finite resources to hold special sessions to give kids the right to own guns are making my job much harder.

A president and administration who minimize a global virus are making my job much harder.

We must now spend time to heal, to right these wrongs, and to ensure Black men and women that their lives matter.  We must volunteer our time to police the police. 

I just want to do my job.  Why can’t the police, lawmakers, and others who are paid from my tax dollars do theirs?

– Erica

A Red Circle’s mission statement is, “The holistic betterment of our community;
reversing the effects of racism one person and cause at a time.” 

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