Because all blood is red...


"We advocate and organize to change the economic and social systems to best meet the needs and aspirations 
of the people of North St. Louis County."
--Christopher Willcox, MSW, Director of Policy & Advocacy


Civic Engagement

A Red Circle is active in civic engagement. We register voters (with volunteer support), provide rides to the polls, and host civic town halls. 

Other Policy Concerns

  • Equitable School Funding (Education Advocacy Coalition)
  • Infant-Maternal Childcare (collaborative issue with Generate Health)
  • Housing (collaborative issue with multiple partners)

If you’d like to provide public comments to St. Louis County Council on behalf of North County, contact Chris Willcox at [email protected].  They meet on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m., 41 South Central, 63105.  We can use the help!

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the power of art

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Improved outcomes for North St. Louis County students

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Fellowships and internships for deserving youth and young adults

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Holistic Living

Greater food security and healthy food access in the region

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